About Me


Amanda's mission is to provide quality Equine Sports Therapy, but also to help educate owners so they may care for their equine partners at a higher level. She promotes wellness through injury prevention and health maintenance.

Duerr grew up on a farm where horses were a part of daily life. Her family encouraged both the competitive and recreational sides of horses. Duerr subsequently spent every summer at shows and rodeos, took strongly to the performance/sport horse area and studied for years with different industry professionals threw out North America. She developed a passion for animal health and decided to pursue a career caring for equine athletes.

“I set my standards high in gaining experience in sports therapy and equine rehabilitation,” says Duerr. “The demand for quality equine therapy programs for Canadian horses was strong and this led to the start-up of Performance Equine Therapy in 2005.”

Duerr’s business is unique in that her programs are developed, in collaboration with veterinarians, owners, coaches and trainers, according to each horse’s specific needs. She takes pride in offering full spectrum care and a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. A typical day may include working in a clinic atmosphere, attending to horses that are hauled to appointments, or going on the road to individual barns. Duerr says she finds her joy in seeing results in the horses.

“Whether it’s helping horse and rider reach a higher performance level, working on a maintenance program or simply achieving better life quality, it all comes down to a healthier, happier horse.” 

Amanda Duerr is a Certified Equine Therapist who has been providing care for fourteen years and is available for appointments in  Saskatoon,SK and Ponoka, AB (Central Alberta). Her gentle holistic approach and natural solutions for common health issues have improved the lives and performance capabilities of horses throughout western Canada.